XRM 80, 100, & 120


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XRM-80, 100, 120

This lure comes in 3.2” (XRM 80), 4” (XRM100), and 5” (XRM
120) length, and is one of the best performing “jerkbaits” on
the market!

It has a very unique weight transfer system that creates an incredibly unique low frequency thud, unlike other baits that have high pitched rattles. Years of R&D went into the design of this bait and the result is a crankbait that will out produce others 5 to 1.

ghost-threadfin-shadXRM-80MD & 100MD

A breakthrough in jerkbait technology, the XRM-100 MD is a jerkbait designed to fish deep at 6-10 feet. Designed with the same weight transfer system as the XRM-100, the XRM-100MD casts long and straight and generates violent strikes. The XRM-80MD dives 5-8 feet and the XRM-100MD dives 8-10 feet.

All come with razor sharp Kitana Hooks.

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100mm, 100mm-MD, 120mm, 80mm, 80mm-MD


Ghost Herring, Ghost Perch, T-Rock, American Shad, Aurora Black, Ayu, Chartreuse Shad, Chrome Shad, Ghost French Pearl, Ghost Minnow, Ghost Pro Blue, Ghost Rainbow, Ghost Sexy Shad, Ghost Threadfin Shad, Ghost Watermelon, Natural Shad, Psycho Perch, Rainbow Trout, Sexy Shad, Spring Blue


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Reaction Strike