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The Reaction Strike 4″ Thin Shad offers anglers an extremely versatile bait that can be used in almost any scenario and with a number of different techniques.

The Thin Shad is thinner than most swimbaits but deadly on A-rigs, jugs, spinnerbaits, Texas-rigs, and Carolina Rigs. No matter how it’s fished, the versatile paddle tail of the Thin Shad creates a distinct swimming action that fish find irresistible.

The Thin Shad is also made using a special dual-injection molding process, which combines two different salted plastics to provide well-balanced action at any speed. Available in a myriad of fish-catching colors, this bait will become the standard bearer in any serious fisherman’s tacklebox.

Pack of 8 double shad scented and salt infused baits.

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Reaction Strike

Reaction Strike