The Shrimp

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We recently asked our engineers to do the impossible, that is, to make a better shrimp imitation than has ever been done before. With the hundreds of shrimp baits on the market, this was a tall task, even for them.

The Shrimp is a culmination of hard work by our Pro Redfish staff, and our engineers and is many years in the making. First, the bait is impregnated with Bio Edge Shrimp scent. Second, the bait swims just like a shrimp. On slow retrieve, the bait is stable and drifts along just like a living shrimp.

promo-shrimpWhen twitched, The Shrimp darts to one side or the other. And, when you stop The Shrimp it drifts down in a controlled fashion, just
like a descending shrimp. Finally, The Shrimp is the very first shrimp bait to incorporate high tech glass rattles. Shrimp make light clicking sounds as they move, a fact which every other lure company either ignored or did not know.

The Shrimp smells, sounds and moves like a living shrimp. And when you see how Redfish, bonefish, trout and pretty much every other saltwater predator respond to this lure it will quickly find a prime spot in your tackle arsenal. The Shrimp is available in 3.5″ and 4″ sizes.

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