The Bass Harasser

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The Bass Harasser does everything your favorite swimbait does plus much more. With paintjobs so real it will feel like fishing with a live trout, and a hook harness so advanced you won’t miss short biters anymore, the Bass Harasser is taking the trophy largemouth marketplace by storm. Available in 14 colors and three different sink rates. And best of all, the retail price is $19.99.

Bass Harasser

Currently, 4 fall rates are available. Very Slow fall is approximately 5 in./sec. Slow Fall is 10 inches per secondMedium fall is about 14 in. – sec. and fast fall is 18 in./sec. Notice that each bait has a frog hook held in with a custom wire wrap. There is also a stinger hook attachment on the top back portion of the bait.

Sizes: 10″ (slow, medium, fast); 8″ (very slow, slow, medium fast); 7″ (very slow, slow, medium, fast); 6″ (very slow, slow, medium, fast), 5″ – 2 pack -medium, 4″ – 3 pack – medium, 3″ – 4 pack – medium.


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