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Spoon fishing is a forgotten art form. When we sat down with our Pro Staff, some of our Master Pike Fishermen asked us to create a spoon worthy of our brand name. Our goal was to modernize the older styles and create a spoon with excellent action, flash, and vibration but also create a bait that would cast like a bullet and present a large enough profile that monster muskies, giant pike, and other gamefish would come hunting.

Buy Now! With the tail extended, the Monster Spoon is nearly 8 inches long making it one of the largest commercially available spoons on the market. Made out of stamped Stainless Steel, the Monster Spoon will last a lifetime and put giant fish in your boat for as long as you cast it.

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Blacktiger, Bluesilver, Gold Perch, Jailbird, Stainless, Firetiger


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