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The Reaction Strike Jerk Spin is an incredible bait that combines the twitching motion of a jerk bait with the flash of a spinnerbait. This shallow running jerkbait is one of the most unique baits on the market.

Cast and straight retrieve or cast and, twitch, pause for bone jarring strikes. Internal subtle rattles create a noise that mimics crawfish and calls fish in from long distances.

The Jerk Spin is one of those lures that fish must have never seen, because nobody has ever combined a jerk bait with a spinnerbait before. This will fast become your go-to lure when the fish are in a negative mood and won’t respond to traditional lures.

The shallow runner Jerk Spin is 4.25″ long, weighs 5/8oz.

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Bleeding Ghost Minnow, Bone, Chrome Black, Ghost Sexy, Ghost Wakasagi, Sexy


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Reaction Strike

Reaction Strike