Diet Jerk

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The Diet Jerk, Jr. is the lower priced version of the Jerk, Jr. Action, and sizes are identical, but instead of holographic eyes, the eyes on the Jerk, Jr’s are painted.

Comes in an 8 pack and simply the best priced baits of it’s kind on the market. The Diet Jerks have the same frantic minnow action of the Jerk, Jr’s. Tournament tested and field approved by our USA and International Pro Staff!

Available in 4.5″ sizes.

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Black Chartreuse Tail, Zucchini, Albino, Alewife, American Shad, Anchovie, Back Country Minnow, Blue Runner, Bruise, Coppertone, Croaker, Electric Chicken, Green Mullet, Holo Pink, Mexican Flag, Mullet, Natural Shrimp, Pearl Chartreuse Shad, Plum Chartreuse, Rootbeer, Salt and Pepper, Squid, Strawberry Whitetail, Watermelon Red, Watermelon Shad


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