Bass Candy

The perfect wood swimbait
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Check out our new wood bait called Bass Candy. This lure comes in 6″, 7″, and 8″ lengths. This lure took months of non-stop trial and error to create the PERFECT wood swimbait, with no peers. Notice that the lure identically mimics a fish from the moment it hits the water. It does not nose dive or death spiral, but rather falls perfectly horizonally. When it hits the bottom, it sits on its hooks and does not flop over in the weeds. When retrieved at a crawl, it swims. When burned in with a high speed reel, it swims. It is just plain and simple the perfect wood swimbait.

Proven double jointed design in great bass catching colors. Stop paying $50 for baits that are painted like crap. We spared no expense on this bait using premium extra heavy duty hardware, lexan tails and harpoon sharp Plasma Point hooks. Each bait has over an hour of painting time alone and their are 24 paint and hard coat steps just to finish a single lure.

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