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The wind blew 35 mph the tide rose 2′ and as we paddled onto a flat the first thing I saw was a redfish pushing a wake right toward us. I just sat there and waited and watched as he came all the way to the boat and then with the swing of his tail swung around and took off. Yep this showed all the signs of a good day. And a good day it was as the shorelines were stacked with feedind reds. They were looking for glass minnows and they were as shallow as they could get and they weren’t hard to spot with their backs sticking up out of the water.

The first one I cast a 3″ Reaction Strike Fathead, Jr. to only hesitated a second before he slammed it and the fight was on. Once landed I put him on the measure stick and would’nt you know it, oversized. I held onto him for a while in the livewell. There is another one, this went on till we had missed 4 or 5 redfish. As the day progressed the reds fell off the flat and into 3′ to 4′ of water, so I moved over to the edge and started casting. It only took about 3 casts with the new Reaction Strike 4″ Mullet, Jr. Paddle Tail and the lure just started to move off to the side, as I set the hook he still kept moving off as if nothing had happened so I leaned into him then he woke up and the fight was on. Run after run that red made until I finally got him landed. I paddled over to the shallows to check his length and weigh him. 26″ long and over 6# this is the one , I opened the livewell and said goodbye to the first fish wishing he had been a little shorter as he weighed 8 1/4 # and off he swam. That oxygen system really keeps those fish spunky in that livewell cause as he swam off he gave me a good splash.

The Texas Saltwater Series Kayak Division was our destination and I took 2nd Place against over 80 anglers.
A great day was had by all…

Captain Steven Utley Blue Heron Adventures

Kayak Redfish

Captain Steve Utley caught and released this Kayak Redfish at the Texas Saltwater Series

Reaction Strike

Reaction Strike