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About Trophy Technologies, LLC

Trophy Technologies, LLC was founded in 2003 by Rick Quade and Kris Reibel. From the very start, Rick and Kris set out to make fishing tackle that was truly unique. Being avid anglers, they sought to produce brands that would cater to Professional Fishermen, while at the same time providing superior products at a price within reach of the average angler.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing Trophy Fish being caught by our customers all over the world. Our baits can be found in Tackle Stores in 43 countries. From the USA to Canada, Russia to the Ukraine, to South Africa, Australia, Poland, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, France, Holland, Ireland, and virtually every other Western European country, our brands are the "go-to" products of experienced anglers.

In 2009, Trophy Tech acquired Hoerne Toad Tackle from Sean Hoernke, a professional bass angler. In 2010, Trophy Tech purchased Castaic and Throwback Lures. More acquisitions are coming soon!

In January of 2012, Backstabber Lures was acquired by Trophy Technologies. Backstabber Lures was one of the most talked about fishing brands in 2011. It was voted the #1 new lure by Bassmaster Magazine and was voted one of the Top 6 lures by Fishing Tackle Retailer in 2011. We could not be more excited with this acquisition, and plan to aggressively grow the brand in 2012.

In July of 2012, Trophy Tech acquired Musky Armor. Musky Armor produces the premier hard plastic crankbaits, release gloves and apparel in the world of Musky Fishing. We brought back a "cult favorite" lure called the Krusher at ICAST 2013. More exciting musky products will be coming soon as we plan to grow this brand very aggressively.

We are the exclusive European and Asian distributors of Vicious Fishing Line.

We are the EU and Asian Sales Agents and Exclusive Licensee for all Hard Lures, Musky/Pike, Saltwater and Panfish Lures.

In the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2014, Trophy Technology announced a new fishing show called The Bass Dr. If you are a bass fisherman, The Bass Dr. will soon be one of your favorite fishing shows on TV. Join us and watch our new host, Jason Lambert, FLW Rookie of the Year in 2014 and fishing guru as he chases largemouth, smallmouth, and maybe even some striped bass all over North America.

In early 2015, a new show called Trophy Fish Hunter with host Rick Quade will air on Fox Sports North.

In 2016, Trophy Technologies entered into a joint venture with Monster Bass, a legendary but little known lure brand which originated in Japan. Immediately, Trophy Tech brought modern manufacturing techniques to these old designs, and now these lures are in the tackle boxes of some very famous bass fishermen.

Also in 2016, Trophy Tech formally began selling Kitana cutting point hooks. These incredible, razor sharp hooks have been used on brands like Castaic, Reaction Strike, Backstabber Lures, and Musky Armor for years, but are now available as a stand alone product and can be found in places like Bass Pro Shops.

In January of 2017, Trophy Tech signed a licensing agreement with Flipin The Bird, the makers of the patented topwater bird lure. Trophy Tech has already placed these items into Bass Pro Shops, and expect many more retailers to come on board soon.

Trophy Technologies, LLC is actively seeking additional brands to acquire. If you own a tackle company and are looking for a business partner with an aggressive vision, contact us at

OEM Services

Trophy Tech has created a new process for Asian sourcing. We bring our clients true innovation and design services. We have hundreds of successful product launches under our belt and once the design is complete we are able to begin the project with one of our pre-qualified Asian vendors.

Some of the services we offer our clients:

Please call Kris Reibel at 317-938-5414 or email him at for more information.


Marketing Requests

Please contact Justin Harter at for more information about marketing or image requests.

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