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Vernon Cross

You should know I caught two large bass using the Reaction Strike swim bait called The Bass Harasser within ten minutes of tying it on my line.

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About Reaction Strike

Reaction Strike was founded in 2004 by Rick Quade and Kris Reibel. From the very start, Rick and Kris set out to make fishing tackle that was truly unique. Being avid anglers, they sought to produce a brand that would cater to Professional Fishermen, while at the same time providing superior products at a price within reach of the average angler.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing Trophy Fish being caught by our customers all over the world. Our baits can be found in Tackle Stores in 43 countries. From Russia to the Ukraine, to South Africa, Australia, Poland, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, and virtually every Western European country, Reaction Strike baits are the “go-to” baits of experienced anglers.